Janis Jendraß

Computer Scientist

Janis Jendraß at the foot of Mount Zaphon
It's like they say.... "Go on a journey and you'll find yourself more humble and grateful."

Hello W🌎rld,

Janis my name. When I started my journey into software development, I launched one of the first and greatest German-spoken Minecraft server in 2010. Since then, my passion to constantly expand my skills has led me to become a computer scientist. Today, I develop software and freelance while traveling the world.

You'll always find me with a camera in my hand, a laptop in my bag and a bike around the corner. In this way, I have ridden thousands of kilometers across Europe, slept in Nature — in my Cocoon and worked with many wonderful people on common goals for more sustainable and human-friendly environments.

I was lucky to be able to travel to Cuba and experience both the beauty of the nature and culture — while constantly being confronted with the countries shadows of the past and present. Which lead to the decision to make a Movie about it, featuring my own soundtrack.

Have a look around and see what I've been up to.